MB8 Weekly Rescue Bonus – Up To RM6,888

Weekly Rescue Bonus

Our MB8 weekly rescue bonus could be a great help. This valuable offer is your gateway to an elevated casino experience that kicks off every Monday morning, boosting your wallet right after cut-off time. When you play with us, you are in safe hands – win more and lose less with MB8 online casino!

This always-available bonus features an automatic reset that will allow you to start fresh every week after you have accumulated your net losses. Don’t miss out on your chance to receive this 5% weekly bonus up to RM6,888, open to all levels of members.

Eligibility Criteria

All active members with weekly losses above RM 5,000.

Bonus Details

1. Get notified of your upcoming bonus. Our team will drop you an inbox message between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Monday.

2. Visit MB8’s ‘Rewards’ page to collect your rescue bonus. The following tables show the amount of bonus you can get each week.

All members with losses between RM 5,000 and RM 10,000;

Member Tier Min. Losses Bonus Reward Turnover
RM 5,000 – RM 7,499.99
RM 138
RM 7,500 – RM 9,999.99
RM 228

All members with losses at least RM 10,000;

Member Tier Min. Losses Bonus % Bonus Reward Turnover
RM 10,000
RM 1,688
RM 2,288
RM 2,888
RM 3,888
RM 6,888

3. Note that only Net Loss is taken into account in the rescue bonus calculation (Net Loss = Gross Loss – Bonus – Rebate).

4. Come back next week to claim this again, if necessary! The weekly accumulated loss amount is calculated from Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Only MB8 members with Pro account status are eligible for this bonus.
  2. The weekly accumulated loss is calculated based on the results of all game providers.
  3. MB8 offers this promotion once per week for eligible members; however, no backdated bonuses will be issued.
  4. Any withdrawals from this bonus’s winnings must be accompanied by a minimum 10x turnover bet.
  5. Players cannot combine this promotion with other MB8 offers.
  6. A player or group of players may be disqualified for cheating, intimidating, using unfair methods or misusing MB8’s system loopholes.
  7. MB8 may alter, terminate, suspend, or cancel this promotion with or without prior notice at any time.
  8. All MB8 terms and conditions apply.
  9. The English version of this promotion’s content will be used for reference in case of discrepancies.
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