Avoiding Common Blunders of E-sports Betting

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The sudden rise to fame of E-sports has young people taking a sudden interest to E-sports betting.

E-sports betting is becoming as common as sports betting, and enthusiasts everywhere are betting in tournaments involving thousands of people and several players from all over the world.

The rise of E-sports betting also led to the increase in mistakes people make while betting. These blunders are common mistakes that can easily be avoided. We are going to list down some common betting mistakes that lead to these blunders.

Not Having a Proper Bankroll

E-sports bettors, especially rookies, can easily get carried away with the game. Without setting a limit to your bankroll, you can easily burn through your money. By betting too much money early in the game, you can be easily overcome with negative emotions when you lose. E-sports betting is a form of gambling which is why having a proper bankroll and keeping tabs on your money is key.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

Some people have this notion that E-sports betting is easy. But as with any forms of gambling, there is no way to predict the outcome correctly. You cannot think that you can become instantaneously rich just by participating in E-sports betting. Patience is the key to any form of betting, coupled with proper strategy and bankroll management. Set realistic expectations so you don’t give yourself unnecessary heartbreak.

Not Knowing When to Quit

It is human nature to be greedy especially after winning. They think they can continue this winning streak so they keep playing, only to lose all the money they’ve won. Stop betting and call it a day after you’ve cashed out a huge return. Walking away with a larger amount of money than when you started is always a good day.

Choosing a Bad Website

No one knows how a bookie or betting website will turn out, which is why a lot of newbies make the common mistake of choosing the wrong one. If you plan on taking E-sports betting seriously, make sure to consult different websites and read guides and reviews so you can choose the best betting site for you.

Being Too Emotional

People would normally root for their favorites and want them to win. This is understandable, however, you simply cannot will your team into winning. Make bets based on data and statistics, never your emotions. Being too emotional can be a fatal flaw to your betting style.

Betting Without Any Knowledge of the Game

Only bet on games you have extensive knowledge about. Otherwise, you can easily be driven away by shiny offers and end up losing your money. Know the rules of the game, the capabilities of the players, and then make your bets. By doing a thorough research of the game, you are giving yourself a good chance of making the right bet.


Listed above are the common mistakes of E-sports bettor, but this can be easily rectified. Always practice self-control, do research, and have patience. All these can help you in your E-sports journey. You may not win immediately, but these tips can help you avoid burning a hole through your bankroll early on. Practice makes perfect. If you think you’re ready, go ahead and start betting on your favorite sports on its sportsbook.

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