Difference Between Esports and Sportsbetting

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For a long time, eSports have endured ridicule from the mainstream media on how it’s not real sports. But overtime, eSports continued to grow, and naysayers can only step back and watch how eSports has taken over our cultural life today.

eSports have been garnering attention from sponsors, viewers, and even investors, catapulting its rise in the gaming industry. Today, more and more major online sportsbook has embraced eSports and included it in their sports betting section. Veteran players may find eSports intimidating but we are here to clarify what it is and how it differs from traditional sports betting.

eSports is the digital version of real sports. This competitive game is derived from popular video games which require a certain mastery of skill. A team of players compete against one another at a professional level. Some of the popular titles include competitive games like Dota 2, League of Legends, Fortnite, and more.

How Do eSports Differ from Traditional Sports?

  1. Absence of Physical Aspects

eSports is more like indoor gaming where players engage through computers or other console alternatives. While an eSports player does not sustain physical injuries as compared to traditional sports player, these kinds of games do require concentration, otherwise, it can greatly affect your performance as a pro player. eSports athletes may not require much large muscle movement, but they still require hours of rigorous training for fine motor movement, volume, and intensity.

  1. Weather is Irrelevant in eSports

eSports tournaments are held remotely but with elaborate auditoriums and an audience especially during big competitions. Regardless of the weather conditions, an eSport game just goes on.

  1. Location

eSports do not need a specific location for a game to take place since players are not required to be physically present. For as long as there is a stable internet connection, players can engage in play from across the globe. Traditional games, however, need people to gather at one physical location.

  1. Profitability

eSports may be a relatively new form of competitive sport, but it has seen a rise in viewership in the last couple of years. Finances are mainly generated from sporting equipment like PlayStation, VR goggles, and Xbox. Whereas traditional sports rely on broadcasting rights and ticket-selling.

  1. Game Complexity

The rules in eSports continue to change depending on the money involvement. The money goes to improving the game, such as enhancement in visual cues so fans are more aware of the changes in the game. eSports get updated from time to time making the game more complex while traditional games stay the same all throughout.  

  1. Referee

Traditional sports require a referee to control the actual game and make sure players follow the rules and the game runs smoothly. In eSports, there is no referee available, making it easy to break the rules as there are no physical violations that can directly affect your game.


While eSports is relatively new, the warm welcome it has received over the recent years has gone off the charts. This is one phenomenon the world simply cannot ignore. Traditional sports will always be a part of our lives as it always has been, but there is no denying how eSports will only continue to be successful especially with its numerous players game developers and fans, above all. 



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