WP Social Avatar – use social profile picture as the WordPress Avatar

This plugin gives the users the option to use their social profile picture as the WordPress Avatar

As the name suggests, this plugin allows you to use the social profile picture as your WordPress Avatar.

Why this plugin?

If you are me, who gets bore of using the same gravatar for few days or months then this plugin is totally for you. This plugin provides option to the user to use Social media like Facebook and Google plus profile pictures as the gravatar instead of the one from en.gravatar.com.

WP Social Avatar Settings:

After activating the plugin admin will see WP Avatar, under Users menu. Here the admin can set the minimum role/capabilities required to avail this feature.

The allowed users will see the available options in their Your Profile sub menu under Users menu.

For the first version I only have two social options available, Facebook and Google plus. You need to add either the Facebook handle or Google plus id in the corresponding fields.

Once done with the above, check the social profile picture you want to use as the gravatar and click Update Profile and you are done.

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