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Free Responsive wordpress child theme – WP FlatThirteen

WP FlatThirteen is a flat and minimal design TwentyThirteen child theme powered by TwitterBootstrap 3.0. It has unique designed for SEO optimization with faster page loading.  The child theme helps Bloggers to make unique and elegant look blogs. The theme can be used for any kind of blog or news websites. The child theme only works with TwentyThirteen  parent theme. Due to bootstrap power, admin can add a lot of creative works  to its content. This is fully responsive theme, works perfectly with any mobile devices or tablet.

Theme Demo

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Hi, I am a India based designer who enjoys creating user experience for web sites. I sketch, conceptualize and design simple wire frames and clean interfaces. I visualize by discussing business ideas.I spend most of time in Twitter, behance and Dribbble.
  • I have installed this on One of my WordPress site and the site starts loading faster as it has less elements to load.

    Will suggest others to use the theme.

  • Hi Basantaa,
    Do you have a demo setup where I can see all the features of this theme LIVE ? Will really appreciate if you can setup one.

    • Marco Andrei K.

      Hello! I set up my website with this theme, if you want to see it: Cheers!

  • Theme is really awesome ! I have installed. But there is no option to ad banner bellow header like in demo site, I can I fix it? Is there any way to reduce width of discuss comment box just below post box, not full width ?

    • basantam

      If you edit the header.php file and add your ad code there then the banner will come. For the comment section you have to edit the single .php file like page.php.

      Can you provide the URL of your site so that I can check.

      Thanks for using my theme. happy to help you and will take care of lot of things in next release.

      • Sure ! is the URL of website.
        I can edit header.php and single.php both, please let me know, what exactly I have to change or edit..

        • basantam

          Past this code to Header.php file where main container starts

          and in single .php just move the comment form to container DIV. where post is coming. Please refer Page.php you can understand.

        • basantam

          send me your admin details I will edit the theme and will add your ad code there. my mail ID

          • I have sent Admin detail Please fix it.. Thank you for awesome support.

          • basantam

            Hi Ashraf, I have changed your site. Its working fine now. Please have a look.

          • Thank you very much for fantastic support. 🙂

          • But due to technical reason in your incoming email it is not being delivered. can you give me another email please ?

          • basantam

            Can you try again to send.

          • I have sent again, Hope you have got !

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  • kris

    I am unable to get the comment box to load on my site. I do have commentluv installed. On the front page, it shows the comments, but when I click on the comment link it simply takes me to the post. There are no comments in the post area. Would you be able to offer me any advice?

    • basantam

      Hi Kris, The theme is a child theme it is working fine in comment systems. Can you please provide me the URL so that I can check the exact issue.

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  • Mark Flanagan

    I am mostly not seeing comments on my posts. The admin shows me they are there, but when I go to the posts there are no comments. In a couple of cases, I viewed a post that had comments on it from another post.

    Here is a post that has two comments (not showing):

    Here is a post that has comments appearing that should be on a different post:

    Help please! I really really like this theme and would like to keep using it.


    • basantam

      Hi Mark, Can you send me your admin details, to my mail will check the issue and fix.


      • Mark Flanagan

        Just sent.

    • basantam

      Your issue has been Resolved

      • Mark Flanagan

        Amazing. Thanks Basanta!

  • basantam

    Hi All, I will be Uploading a new version of theme soon, Please update it. it will fix all the issue.

  • Mark Flanagan

    Hey Basanta – How would I add the category to the post page? I believe I would add [?php if ( category_description() ) : // Show an optional category description ?] to single.php, but I can’t see where to put it.

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  • Christoph Weber

    Hi, I really like the theme, but comments are shown wrong, that is, in a single post it shows comments from a different post

    Thing is, I changed a lot of big and small things, so simply overwriting all files would be painful

    • basantam

      Christoph, it is small fix, if you will provide me the admin details I will fix it.

      • Christoph Weber

        It seemed to work a few times, now it doesn’t again… also, note that I added the following to entry-meta:

        [?php comments_popup_link( ” . __( ‘Hinterlasse mir einen Kommentar’, ‘flatthirteen’ ) . ”, __( ‘Bisher ein Kommentar’, ‘flatthirteen’ ), __( ‘Alle % Kommentare ansehen’, ‘flatthirteen’ ) ); ?]

        • basantam

          Its work fine. please check

          • Christoph Weber

            sorry to bug you, but it’s still the same: random comments

          • Christoph Weber

            Ah, it shows the comments to the first post listed as random comment (in the middle column) would it be enough to use this wp_reset_query there?

          • basantam

            Now check, it should work

          • Christoph Weber

            thanks, it works now. Did you change the location of the comments, too? they’re starting beneath the content and the plista thing now,before I think they started below all the three columns

          • basantam

            Yes I have change the location, I will fix all the issue in my next release of this theme

          • Christoph Weber

            thanks again!

          • basantam

            in case you like my new theme, please have a look.


          • Christoph Weber

            Some more things: the search box moves over the navbar-header
            Also, now the random-posts column lies over the entrypart column at smaller widths

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  • Mark Flanagan

    Hi Basanta

    In which file is the definition of post types that allow the Standard post to have Category and Tags displayed at the top, while the Image post does not. I would like to add Category and Tags to the Image post.


    • Mark Flanagan

      Nevermind – I found it!

  • Mark Randall

    I love this Child Theme but, people aren’t able to click on the post title with a ipad. Any solution to this?

    Here’s the link to the page I’m talking about.

    I’m able to click on and go to the post on every browser on my regular computer but, not with a ipad.

    Thank you,

    • Mark Randall

      I see that even when I go to your demo on my ipad, I can’t click on the post title link.

    • Mark Randall

      I had the take out the “random posts” div for some reason. So, I have it working on the customer’s site but, you can still see the problem I was having at my testing server here:

      Can’t even click on the title on a regular desktop, if you reduce the screen size to ipad size. Not sure what’s up with it.

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  • Freeman

    Thank you for great theme. Can you please fix one important bug – in one-column mode (if narrow browser window in regular browser, on ipad, etc) post titles on main page (list) – not clickable. You can check on when resize window to one-column size)

    • Mark Randall


      I had the same issue. And I’m not sure what’s causing it. You can read my posts below.
      My only solution was to go in and comment out or delete the div container that has the “random posts” class.

    • basantam

      HI Freeman, I am working on the updates. I will re upload it soon. All you need to update it .

      • Freeman

        Thank you, Basanta. Will wait, for sure.

  • sangamithra

    Hi Basant, I build a new website using your child theme. it’s awesome theme. I need to add related contents through a content website application below every post. How to do it. My website:

    • basantam

      Hi. Actually I didn’t get your exact requirement. Can you describe it in details.

  • obosor

    I installed this theme but comment is showing from wrong post.

  • basantam

    New version of this theme released. Please update and get new design benefit and issue fixed. (y)

  • <- photo
    I have 2 sites on 2 different hosts 2 different accounts completely.
    I have wp flat thirteen and one does not give me as much options for customizing. is there a plug in I am missing? I mean, it's weird b/c I don't have one for the one that gives me all the choices. I have tried re installing etc.

  • yes I updated the theme, i had the theme before the update. both times on my one site it don’t give me the extra options.

  • One more question: is there a show case plug in for the theme?

  • Mekz

    i can’t see the demo theme, fix it plz. thx.

  • Giselle Simmons

    would really appreciate if you can fix the demo…. cant see your work if demo does not work as there are no screenshots.

  • hi this theme is not working as it should be , please fix.

  • Thanks for sharing great article. My blog hueman theme has low resolution and font style is not good please advice how to fix it.